Podcast Episode 21: Edward Luca talks design thinking, why practitioner-researcher collaborations are important and Kate Bush

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Edward Luca is a library practitioner and researcher. He spends most of his time as Manager, Academic Services at the University of Sydney Library, but also dabbles in teaching, research, and anything shiny that appear in front of him. Edward describes research as his side hustle and he is actively involved in research on user experience, scholarly communication practices, embedded librarianship and systematic review processes.

Edward speaks eloquently about why librarian-researcher collaborations are crucial for knowledge sharing and the importance of co-authorship on academic papers in demonstrating library impact in research.

In this episode we discuss:

Recommendations from Edward:

  • Kate Bush – Hounds of Love, Side 2. Don’t forget candles and/or bath!
  • Think about your job. Think about one particular problem or particular thing that irks you and chat to your clients about it. What do they think? Is it a problem for them? What would make things better?

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