Podcast Episode 1: Dr Matt Finch talks libraries, memories and legs


In our very first podcast episode, we talked with Dr Matt Finch about how a kindy teacher ended up delivering keynotes with his mouth taped shut and workshops that use toilet rolls and sticky tape. We also discussed music, library experiences, shaving your legs and GLAM fashion.

Here are links to things we discussed in this episode:

Author, Eula Biss

Matt’s article on Glenn Gould and his piano CD318

LIANZA Open 2017 in the news

Auckland Libraries program for their homeless community

A home for the homeless: Rachel Rivera and the Auckland Library streeties

Matt’s LIANZA keynote – part 1, 2 and 3

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Sally & Amy

Music by Richard Frohlich

3 thoughts on “Podcast Episode 1: Dr Matt Finch talks libraries, memories and legs”

  1. This is so awesome guys. So excited to have an Aussie library podcast! Great to hear Matt Finch’s infectious passion and ideas. Loved the dynamic discussions on indigenous spaces, homelessness and public libraries, access to wifi, conservation, librarians as connectors, and fabulous shoes!! Can’t wait to hear more.

    1. Thank you Meaghan, we are very excited to be podcasting! Really looking forward to putting together more episodes and having more library conversations 🙂

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