Podcast Episode 2: Sally & Amy talk LIANZA, embracing opportunities and logo fail

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Welcome to Episode 2!

We talk about our presentation at the LIANZA Open 17 conference, why we decided to start podcasting and why saying no is important. Plus why getting things wrong can be good!

Here’s what we mentioned during this episode:

Our Open Sesame! slides and the live recording. Plus the Storify of our LIANZA presentation.

The article we both read whilst nodding furiously!

And the anonymous librarian Twitter account and the blog post which explains how the account came about.

Bonus ideas and links!

Some small challenges that will increase your visibility:

  • Start a conversation online or a colleague
  • Write an article for your association’s magazine
  • Start a blog or write a guest blog post for someone else
  • Join a group or volunteer at an event
  • Take the minutes at a team meeting or present to your colleagues about an event you went to
  • Participate in a Twitter chat or join a GLAM Facebook group.

Hot tip: if you’re worried about sharing your ideas e.g. a blog post, use IFTTT or an auto-scheduler to send it out for you, instead of battling through your fears to press post and send!

Networking for introverts and librarians.

Why taking baby steps can be better than big bold dinner parties plans!

Did you work behind the scenes to get your career started or take the next step? Want to share your ideas on finding new opportunities and what being visible means to you? Tweet us or leave a comment below, Facebook or Instagram!

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Sally & Amy

Music by Richard Frohlich

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