Podcast Episode 3: Anne Reddacliff talks guerrilla research, PhD’s and LGBTQ+ in libraries

In episode 3, we talk to Anne Reddacliff about how to be a guerrilla researcher, library research tourism, how to choose a PhD topic that’s right for you and supporting LGBTQ+ communities in Australian libraries.

Anne says:

  • guerrilla research is accessible & can be done by anyone
  • research should not only be done by academics
  • LIS research gaps include LGBTQ+, Indigenous users & the digital divide
  • develop your international networks by joining & volunteering with IFLA

Here are things we discussed in the episode:

Anne Reddacliff on Twitter, Instagram, PinterestBlog.

IFLA Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer/Questioning Users Special Interest Group


UX Twitter accounts to follow: uxmastery, uxmagazine, UXforGood

Weave: Journal of Library User Experience

ALIA Information Online 2015 papers and presentations

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5 thoughts on “Podcast Episode 3: Anne Reddacliff talks guerrilla research, PhD’s and LGBTQ+ in libraries”

  1. Loving the podcast. Was yelling at my iPad though “men have children too!” Young women need to hear that their careers are just as important as men’s so men have to share the school run – and many of them do. (Re why there’s no women in the library during lunch hour). Keep making me think and yell 🙂

  2. When the electorate that my library is in voted “no” I immediately popped up an LGTBQI+ display and kept it there for two weeks. That was my 3rd such display and only 1 person has complained and that was a library staff member. Got some positive responses, though 🙂

    Good to know it’s not just me.

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