Podcast Episode 9: Dr Jess Carniel chats about Eurovision, 15th century humanists and believing in your research topic

Episode 9, we are nearly in double digits!

If you think that Eurovision is just silly costumes and awful songs, prepare to have your mind changed. Dr Jess Carniel joined us to talk about her research on Eurovision in Australia and what she has found out about why people love it (it’s not what you think). Jess also talked about why she think it’s important to follow your interests in research and to be ready to change direction quickly in the middle of a project. She also shared her advice on writing for publication, building a research network and making your ideas and work accessible for everyone. There’s plenty of Eurovision and #librarylove chat as well !

In this episode we discuss:

Say hi to Jess on Twitter and follow her travels to Portugal for Eurovision 2018.

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